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What can you really get done today?

Stay Useful is a to-do list application that focuses only on the things you actually need to do today. It gives you simple tools and friendly encouragement so you can feel more productive and less forgetful.

Your to-do list should not stress you out! Snooze tasks you won't get to, and they'll reappear later. Repeating chores will automatically be added to your list at the appropriate time. Stay Useful helps you max out your work time and your play time.

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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Phones

Since Stay Useful uses the latest in HTML5 technology, it works just like an app from the app store. It even works when you have no internet connection (like in a secret bunker, or in a magical underground kingdom!)

To install our app on your iOS or Android device, just point your mobile browser at For the full appsperience, add a bookmark to your homescreen.


  • Stay Useful stores your list locally, then automatically syncs to the cloud. Your list is up-to-date and available, even when your device is offline.
  • Plan ahead for tomorrow, the weekend, and next week by adding items to future lists, or by snoozing items from today's list.
  • Every night, we'll record what you did that day. Every morning, we'll send you a fresh new list to get started on. All you have to do is relish the sense of a job well done.
  • Add your to-do list to your Chrome Toolbar or new tab screen with our cool Chrome extensions.
  • Our minimalist interface does not distract you with tags, categories, due dates and other busy work. "Manage my to-do list" should never be on your to-do list!


Get started with Stay Useful with a free 30-day trial. All of the features and functionality of the app are available during the trial. Start trial »

Continue to access your to-do list with Stay Useful in your browser, on your phone, and on your tablet for just $4 bucks!

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